The title is Janet Morais' description of her India experience. Janet is the Creative Director and Founder of the globally renowned interior decor brand- Koket. More on that soon....

But before I get to Janet's experience and her brand Koket, a word on why this post. For some time now, I have been toying with an idea, that I want to share. Since this blog is all about "Culture Connect with India" I have been wondering how I can get others to share their experiences about connecting with India. Nothing better than a Scandinavian or an Irish or a Spaniard or an American talk about how she sees India through her lens, especially so when that person has actually travelled to India. That ought to be a beautiful way to introduce India- through his or her eyes and words, what do you think?

So here is a picture and an excerpt from Janet's account of her visit:

Artikrti's Blog. Culture connect with India: sights of India


"Mysticism, warmth, sensuality, beauty and natural surroundings. Lovely experiences, magic and spiritual peace. Energy, purity … a trip through the five senses. It’s the India’s universe…

To describe something intangible, something we only feel has never been easy but I run the risk of trying today in describing one of my best travelling experiences so far. Fun, evasion but above all cultural and spiritual wealth was what I felt in that trip. An exotic destination, one of the richest and most diverse cultures that I ever saw in my life. My advice to you, dear readers? Read a paragraph and close your eyes … dream or remember, as appropriate. But honestly, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by this visual and spiritual journey…"

Her photo essay in the blog "Love Happens by Koket" is an exquisite visual ode to India and her many wonders. Take a moment to savour it: My trip to India. Her evocative words make you wish she had written more [maybe Artikrti will one day get her to write more about her visit]. Her writing vies with the pictures in weaving this aura around India and hopefully will inspire more people around the world to "Culture Connect with India" 

[This picture and the accompanying quote on India, are courtesy Janet Morais' blog. She is a celebrated interior designer who founded the brand Koket- a mark of Koket's brand stature is its statement pieces- furniture, lighting and other decor pieces were featured in the sets of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey]

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