This memorable headline is a line from Coral Brown's post in the Yoga Journal [Look for the link below]. The "she" she is referring to is India.

But before I get to the essence of her experience, a word on why this post. For some time now, I have been toying with an idea that I want to share. Since this blog is all about "Culture Connect with India" I have been wondering how I can get others to share their experiences about connecting with India. Nothing better than a Scandinavian or an Irish or a Spaniard or an American talk about how she sees India through her lens, especially so when that person has actually travelled to India. That ought to be a beautiful way to introduce India- through his or her eyes and words, what do you think?

When I saw Coral's line in her post, I thought I have to act now on that idea. So, I decided that I would start by quoting and linking to words and videos of people from different cultures who have visited India for a start in this Artikrti's Culture Connect Blog. And then write to them to request them to be  guest writer on our blog and hear their voices first hand. Wish me luck on this project.  

Circling back to Coral's "Why Make a Yoga Pilgrimage to India?" is a from-the-heart account of her experience of India. To quote her further "India has offered me many valuable lessons over the years. Some of my most meaningful and transformational experiences have taken place in India. Although some of them have been quite difficult, they have shown me the magnificent power and potential of yoga."

Here is the link to her post :

If you are a yoga lover you'd certainly cherish her words. If you aren't one, maybe this would be your inspiration to become one. 

I hoping this would be the start of a spectrum of writers actually becoming contributors to our Culture Connect effort.


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