India is a fascinating confluence of people, places, and practices. Sights, sounds and song. Colors, culture and couture. 

To some it is a cocktail of folklore, festival and food. Mantra, myths and mystique. Tradition, tantra and trigonometry. 

To others it is an eclectic canvas of art, ahimsa and allure. Heritage, history and holiness. Philosophy, prayer and purity. Enigma, enlightenment and the erotic. 

India is all this and more. 

Artikrti was born to celebrate this psychedelic mix- through India’s art, craft and ethnic chic. 

Our mission is to take this diversity of India and get the world outside to experience it. Add a shade of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home. 

If you are reading this, thank you.

We feel humbled by your interest. Like all Indians, we believe, being a host is a privilege...... that the guest blesses the host with.

Hope you do visit us again.