The beauty of the art, craft, clothes & accessories of India have always captivated me- so diverse, like as though each region is a different country. I can’t help it. [After all these years, I still love my wife most in the sarees that she used to wear to work when I first met her☺, more than anything else that she wears].

I also looove the aspect of taking something that is traditional and giving it that contemporary twist. I am passionate about that ethnic touch to beauty- in a woman and in the world around her. Hence, you'd be surprised by ethnic Indian designs and motifs on contemporary products for the global, urban girl. I would love to have the rest of the world to enjoy and savor that design twist. That’s why, Artikrti.

For centuries, India's artists and craftsmen & women have tried to capture India’s vibrancy, paid tribute to it, celebrated it, in their ‘krti’.

Krti or 'kruthi', in Sanskrit, means 'creation', starting with the ‘creation of the world’ we live in. Inspired by this cute little word with such a huge, profound meaning, we decided to call our artistic creations as Artikrti. That’s really how Artikrti was born- out of love for something that is deep inside. When you see, appreciate, touch, feel & emotionally connect with our ethnic works, we are hoping we will be able to build a bond with people like you.

The eye is Artikrti's graphic identity, our logo. It represents the artist's eye, firstly. The eye is also symbolic of a woman's beauty, in India. Hence, Artikrti's eye [In India's colors of green, white and orange] symbolizes both the creator's artistic eye and the customer's appreciative eye.

We bring you art, craft & couture- more accessories than couture- things that would add a different touch of beauty to your personal beauty and your beautiful home. 

Artikrti is India’s art, craft and ethnic chic for the lady and her home.