Boho Indian Ethnic Chic in Fashion & Decor

India is a fascinating confluence: Of people, places & practices. Of sights, sounds & song. Colors, culture & couture.

To some it is a cocktail: Of folklore, festival & food. Mantra, myths & mystique. Tradition, tantra & trignometry.

To others it is an eclectic canvas: Of art, ahimsa & astrology. Heritage, history & holiness. Engima, enlightenment & the erotic.

Artikrti celebrates this exciting mix- through India's art, craft & ethnic chic. Traditional & contemporary strokes of beauty in fashion & decor.

Weaving the Classic with the Contemporary

Leggings & Activewear with a dash of Indian Boho-chic

Colors, fabrics, design patterns & motifs, sequins, appliques, embroidery and exquisite craftsmanship are the hallmark of traditional Indian design in garments and decor.

Artikrti draws design inspiration from this centuries old design heritage to create contemporary activewear & streetwear for the modern woman who loves a whiff of the bohemian.

Artikrti's Indian, ethnic, boho-chic aesthetic is for today's urban woman who looks for an artistic, retro, creative, spontaneous & free spirited fashion & decor expression.

Curious? That's great. Step into our world and explore.

Shop What You Love.

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There's something about boho-decor that I love...

"Why do I like Japanese food? What is it that grabs me about the Blues?"

Many of the loves we have are just 'I love it", just intuitive. We understand your love for boho-decor and how Indian, ethnic chic fits into that realm. Everything that Artikrti has to offer will have that distinctive, authentic Indian twist which will draw your artistic eye and make you say "I love it".

Why do sneakers have to be white & plain?

We know how you feel- why cannot we be more creative and female about keds? If shoes are a fashion accessory, why has someone forgotten to be fashionable about sneakers? No more! Artikrti puts Indian, boho-mojo into your kicks.

From the land that gave the world yoga...

Authentically Indian design choices on a collection of products for the #yogini with a heart that leans towards India & things Indian. Take the pick- yoga mats, art for your yoga corner or studio, leggings & tops with that stand-out ethnic vibe.

From the Artikrti Fam
From the Artikrti Fam
Beautiful. Shipped in time. 5-star rating!*****
— Judith, Connecticut
From the Artikrti Fam
Love love the Tree-of-Life design touch to these leggings and the teal shade. So different. And the fit and feel is perfect.
— Rhonda, New York
From the Artikrti Fam
My Yoga partner, my daily energy inspiration . Love it!!!
— Odette, France
From the Artikrti Fam
This bag is so beautiful. I love the gold shimmer in the fabric, and the beading is gorgeous. It's the perfect accessory for me to see Hamilton in NYC next month!
— Krista, Vermont
From the Artikrti Fam
So thrilled with this. My coffee mate and classy bff.
— Romilly, UK