Light Blue Girl's Ethnic iPad bag. Arty Bandhini Urban Handbag. Indian iPad case, handbag and mobile pouch. Cotton and handmade bandhini handbag. Trendy handbag. From Artkrti.

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LIGHT BLUE iPad bag/ Smart phone Pouch/ Handbag for Women: iPad bags for women have never got so colourful, trendy & chic. Bright, vivacious colours with the ethnic Indian Bandhini design touch in each. Bandhini or bandej is an early day tie & dye method that dates back some 400 years. Called Bandhini, this word comes from ‘tying’, which is 'Bandhan', in Hindi. Painstakingly laborious, the art of tying and dyeing gives the distinctive pattern and colors, like the diamond shaped spots, with a tiny spot of colour within each, like someone had taken a pen and applied a colour dot in each one of those diamonds!

To start, the bag is lined with foam on both sides giving it a comfy feel and providing a cushioned feel for your iPad and iPhone. This iPad case or bag has three sections- two full sized zipper pockets- one in front and the other at the back- each of which can hold your iPad [take a close look at the pictures]. So if one takes in your iPad or tablet, you can slide in your wallet and other essentials into the other pocket. The front has the third section, a smaller pouch pocket with a zip to take in your iPhone or any of your smart phones. This makes the bag a complete carry all handbag that you can sling over your shoulder and strut away onto the catwalk of life. 

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India’s textile & fabric traditions go down centuries- the talent of the craftsman and his dedication to his craft, passed on from one generation to another. A weave, a mix of colors, a design or a motif, a print, a piece of applique work- each a labor of love for the artisan

Artikrti’s [meaning 'artistic creations'] mission is to take the fascinating kaleidoscope that is India and get the world outside to experience it. And add a stroke of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home.

Thank you for dropping by. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.

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This is for the LIGHT BLUE iPad bag. [For the puple one or any of the other colours, look for a separate listing for each]


Colors may vary from the digital photograph above