Home decor painting poster. Classy Wall Art. Living room Painting Poster. Indian "Diva in Red". Indian art. 16 x 24 in. Artikrti

$99.00 USD


Living Room Painting Poster. Home decor idea: Indian "Diva in Red" pencil on slate painting. The western "Woman in Red" on the catwalk, interpreted by the artist here, with an Indian twist.

In the olden days, the traditional method to wear sarees was different from the modern version of how it is worn today. The saree itself was nearly twice as long and was intricately wrapped around each leg with folds and then tucked-in. This was a practice in the South of India over a 100 years back. The artist, Abirami, takes that traditional Indian saree and gives it the contemporary flair of a model wearing it on the catwalk. So while you see the painting featuring the model in a blouse and the traditional saree wrapped around each leg, the rest of the saree is held like flowing robes on either side by the model, much like a 21st century fashion creation.  Presenting her inspiration in this Indian "Diva in Red", this will make it's stunning presence felt in your living room or family room or landing. And depending on your decor you can choose the colour "Red" version that you see in most of the pictures here. OR if you are someone who appreciates the beauty of certain pictures in Black & White, you can choose to order the slate All Black option shown in one picture here. 

Welcome the "Diva in Red" into your home  & add a touch-of-wow to your home decor. Or gift it to a friend who appreciates great art and would cherish this beauty.

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This photo print of the original digital art piece will be printed on 210 gsm satin matte finish photo paper made by Germany’s Felix Schoeller, a world renowned paper mill. The paper is from PE certified renewable forests. The 16,896 nozzles on one of the planet’s best print machines use vibrant HP ink to create masterpiece images that won’t fade for up to 200 years.

Artikrti’s [meaning 'artistic creations'] mission is to take the fascinating kaleidoscope that is India and get the world outside to experience it. And add a stroke of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home.

Thank you for dropping in. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.
Artikrti’s Fan Lounge, to chat and exchange ideas on India’s art, craft and ethnic chic, is the Artikrti Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Artikrti Do visit and “Like” us if you enjoy what you see.

The fine print:

Size: 20” x 30”- vertical 

While ordering please specify "SLATE All Black" in the Notes section, if you want the Black & White version. if you want the cooler Red version you DO NOT need to mention anything.

Some of the standard sizes & indicative prices:

8” x 12” - $30
12'x 18" -$59
16” x 24” - $99
20"x 30"- $139
28” x 42” - $199 

Each Poster or photo print is made to order and will be ready to SHIP within 3 to 5 business days. Shipping time will be over and above this [Refer our shipping policy].

We would like to please every customer- so if you would like a different size of print, please write to us and we certainly can set up a special listing for your order.

Prints on canvas can also be made to order. Please write to us, stating size of canvas print required.

The above poster has been featured in frames/mounts to give you an idea of how it will look. All prices quoted are for just the poster. =)

Image Copyright- Artikrti

Colors may vary from the digital photograph above
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