Artikrti- Culture Connecting people from all over the world with IndiaHave you seen the movie "Fiddler on the roof"? My favourite part in the movie is when Tevye, the Milkman, sings the song "Tradition", a fascinating account of his life, his times and the Jewish culture he upholds. When we get to know people and their culture in that manner, you feel sort of feel you know him or her just shade more.....personally.

We are curious people, as a race. World over, whether it is Mark Twain or Steve Jobs, Lady Diana or Julia Roberts, there have been and will be, those who are curious about India and have that yearning to discover, to know more. We wanted Artikrti’s Culture Connect Blog to become that India lover’s ‘go-to’ page for some quality soul time on India.

From today, we would like to flag off a key initiative:

This community of #cultureconnectors will only thrive when all of us exchange our experiences about India and things Indian. So, we would like to welcome blog contributions from around the world on their perspectives about India. Please write to with a link to your already published post on India or send a copy of what you want published on Artikrti's Culture Connect Blog and we will publish it, with of course, your author profile and links as well.

Healthy curiosity is all about discovering the similarities and differences that exist between one culture and another. And while we celebrate the similarities between us, we owe it to our future generations to be far more welcoming of the differences that exist amongst us a race. Not just recognize and welcome the differences but to respect and embrace them as fascinating aspects that distinguish one group from another. That is  really promoting the concept of FriendsWithoutBorders and Aritkrti's mission of CultureConnect. #friendswithoutborders #cultureconnect

While Artikrti is an attempt to bring to you the splendours of India in the form of products that you can buy, at a more deeper level we'd like to invite you, to experience & touch India.

This Culture Connect Blog is like our patio- our hangout, to sit and chat. About India’s art, craft, fashion, decor and ethnic chic. And beyond that, for all things India. Things that make it such a fascinating draw for millions around the world. Join us in this #cultureconnect mission.

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