Today, the 21st of June is the 5th International Yoga Day, celebrated across the world. Artikrti joins the #yogacommunity and the rest of the Artikrti family of friends and fans to further the cause of peace, harmony, well-being and culture-connect through yoga.

In marking this day as International Yoga Day, someone observed that for India and its Prime Minister Modi [who initiated this day], this "served as a perfect vehicle to create a shared national consciousness". Artikrti would like to table the thought that the International Yoga Day "serves as a perfect vehicle to create a shared culture-connect consciousness across our world". Today there is no bigger movement than Yoga that brings the world and varied cultures together as one unified race. Artikrti salutes this movement and wishes that yoga continues to spread its "good word".

For the yoga lover, here are some images of "culture-connect" yoga from around the world . And for the newbie or yoga beginner, here's a short video on common yoga protocol to stoke your interest and practice.


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