India is truly the land of festivals. Every month, in some corner of each state or province or nationwide, there is a festival to celebrate something. India has that tradition of celebrating different aspects of life, perhaps coming from the belief that one ought to thank God for all the goodness around you in your life. Which is, if you think about it, a great thing to do.

One such festival in the month of July is the Festival for the King of Fruits- the Mango. The festival is held in many parts of India but perhaps the grandest one of them all is the International Mango Festival in Delhi, the 27th such annual festival was held earlier this month. 

The festival had over 500 varieties of mangoes on display and sale. Imagine an Eat-All-You-Can Mango Eating Competition, Parade of decorated Floats & Dancers, Sweets, Food and Drinks made from mango are highlights of the festival every year.

India adores this fruit. How about you?

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