Silk Reversible Indian Shawl. Ethnic indian multicolor scarf, Indian winter silk shawl or wrap. Floral & mango infinity scarf. Classy wedding or party shawl, ethnic gift. From Artikrti

$160.00 USD


This is one awesome silk shawl stitched onto another even more awesome silk shawl with millions of straight lined stitches in turquoise and red with a technique known as "baandej". Millions of tiny stitches running the total length of the shawl in different colours add a twist to the design of both shawls- the front & the reverse. What is the front, is really your choice- we have picked the black, green, mustard and turquoise look of the mangoes and the leaves as our "front".  The rich, elegant, contemporary look  of this ethnic creation is for that real special evening or as a gift for that real special lady.

No amount of words can capture the the look of class that exudes each picture. This double sided, reversible shawl is truly hard to find . The base yellow shawl has the contrasting temple tower inspired red border giving it a cheerful day feel to the shawl and the black & turquoise feel of the mango side is to make an electric entry into the night. 

This is a creation which takes the artist & designer close to a month to create.

And because of the length of the shawl and its reversible nature, the shawl lends itself to innumerable stylish ways of wearing it, each a signature classy style. 

This patchwork silk shawl from Gujarat is the ultimate in luxury and the kind of piece that designer labels create. Every statuesque beauty needs one such exquisite artistic creation.

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India’s textile & fabric traditions go down centuries- the talent of the craftsman and his dedication to his craft, passed on from one generation to another. A weave, a mix of colors, a design or a motif, a print, a piece of applique work- each a labor of love for the artisan.

Artikrti’s [meaning 'artistic creations'] mission is to take the fascinating kaleidoscope that is India and get the world outside to experience it. And add a stroke of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home.

Thank you for dropping by. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.

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The fine print:
Measures ” by ” approx. Yes, this one is endless. 
Best Care for this one-of-a-kind shawl: Only dry clean
Colors may vary from the digital photograph above

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