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Redwood light tan leather woman's Purse. Indian Leather shoulder bag. Handmade, hand embossed. Indian ethnic leather purse. From Artkrti.

$160.00 USD

Brand Artikrti

India is known the world over for its quality leather products and is the second largest producer of leather products in the world. Some of the fashion brands across the world that source their leather products from India are: Armani, Coach, Guess, Harrods, Hush Puppies, Kenneth Cole, Liz Claiborne, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, Next, Nike, Cole Haan, Pierre Cardin, Prada, Reebok, Salamander, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Yves St. Laurent, Zara, Timberland.

This redwood or light tan, honey dew colored bag is made from environment friendly, vegetable tanned leather from Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, South India. And since the style features designs that are hand embossed, the type of leather is not the thin and supple type but one that has a thickness and firmness which allows for that hand embossing. This hand embossing is a traditional, hand done process which is painstaking and done inch by inch. Once the embossing is done, the leather is cut as per the design and hand stitched to give you this exotic finished piece. A labor of love that could take an artisan two days to finish.

A central compartment for your 'looking glam' stuff, your iPhone, keys and other stuff. An outside zip pocket, under the flap to hold any loose change. A magnetic clasp for the flap. And an inner sleeve for your iPhone.

Designer chic & glam, the ethnic way.

VEGETABLE TANNING: As opposed to chemical tanning, this process uses natural extracts from tree bark like chestnut & oak and is labor intensive and time consuming. The process from raw hide to tanned leather takes nearly 60 days. Hence, vegetable tanned leather tends to be more expensive but is totally environment friendly and ages very well.

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India’s textile & fabric traditions go down centuries- the talent of the craftsman and his dedication to his craft, passed on from one generation to another. A weave, a mix of colors, a design or a motif, a print, a piece of applique work- each a labor of love for the artisan

Artikrti’s [meaning 'artistic creations'] mission is to take the fascinating kaleidoscope that is India and get the world outside to experience it. And add a stroke of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home.

Thank you for dropping by. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.

You may find our Facebook page interesting. It is about "Inviting India"- all things that make up the enchanting land.

The fine print:
Color: Light tan or redwood or honey dew.
Length- Top of flap to bottom- 8"
Width: At the top- 8"/ Widest at the boat shape- 10"/Bottom-71/2"
Inside depth of bag- top edge to bottom [under the flap]- 7"
Side thickness or width- 2" at the top and gradually increases to 21/2"
Strap length- 451/2" at the current eyelet/ buckle position. Extendable another 4" if needed [inch by inch] if needed.

Colors may vary from the digital photograph above

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