Befitting yoga's global appeal, I was delighted to hear the opening invocation song for the United Nations event  being sung by a singer called Tanya Wells, from the UK, accompanied by her band called the Seven Eyes. It was such a reverential and soothing rendition that we wanted to know more about Tanya Wells and her work. Singing effortlessly and so totally immersed in the moment her song made me think- "wow, isn't this truly a culture connect of the best kind". For a singer from a totally different culture, to be able to master the intonations of the language, understand the nuances of meaning and be lost in the mood really pointed to someone who had really tasted India.

And indeed she has. A yoga practitioner herself, Tanya lived in India for over three years, attending school in the foothills of the Himalayas- an exotic location to get to know everyday India. Later she studied Indian Classical music as well during her second stay in India and has performed at festivals in India. Cultural influences don't just mold you as a person but can also have an impact on your art and Tanya's music is proof of that Indian influence.

Have a listen to her lilting voice carry that yoga invocation- the video above is the complete UN video of the celebration but you will find Tanya's song from 02.10 to 07.10. Absolutely riveting- draws you into the song and the moment.


Also, have a listen to her rendition of India's anthem of sorts Vande Mataram. Her voice is divine and it is sung with such feeling that you feel like just closing your eyes and just taking that song deep inside you. Awesome. 

Tanya's culture connect with India is in more ways than one. To know more about her and her music go to 


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