Continuing from the last post on Zuckerberg's visit to an ashram in India, we discover there were more big names from the tech and entertainment field who visited the same ashram, to learn and understand Neem Karoli Baba's teachings. According to Mint, and I quote: "The baba also happened to be the guru of Larry Brilliant, earlier director of Google’s philanthropic arm and now with the Skoll Foundation. Brilliant joined the World Health Organisation (WHO’s) successful programme for the eradication of small pox claiming the baba asked him to do so.

“One day, while I was trying to meditate, my guru yelled my name (he called me “Doctor America.”) He said it was my destiny to leave the monastery, leave the mountains to join the WHO team that was being assembled in New Delhi to eradicate small pox,” said Brilliant in his 2013 commencement address at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Brilliant has taken Larry Page, co-founder of Google and Jeff Skoll, a co-founder of eBay to the ashram."

Interesting, isn't it, as to how in our search for the meaning of our lives, we discover such unforeseen  twists, which take us on to totally new paths. Maharaja-ji or the Guru only professed "love all, feed all, serve all" and it is said even today, if anyone turned up hungry at any of Baba's 108 ashrams across the world, he would get food.

Steve Jobs, Mark or Larry did not have the good fortune of meeting the man, for he passed away in 1973. So, to truly understand the man's connect with his followers, have a listen to Dr. Richard Alpert, also know as Ram Dass- named so by the sage and guru himself. Here's a man who is highly educated, a Harvard Professor and a psychologist to boot, who seems touched by the Baba's teachings and dedicates his life to that way of living.

To those who'd like to read the Mint article: Mark Zuckerberg’s temple run, courtesy Steve Jobs

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