Artikrti's Culture Connect Blog is there to get cultures from across the world to understand the Indian culture, taste it, savour it....maybe adopt it in some ways or maybe not....

There is so much magic in each culture, waiting for us to discover.....Hopefully, some time, in the future, we at the Culture Connect Blog, will move towards getting different cultures to understand each other better, aid in cross-pollination of ideas and contribute our tiny morsel to creating a greater sense of unity to the human race. 

But doing exactly that, is this video and its chant Allah-Om. Today, in  January 2015, more than ever, we ought to be sensitive and tolerant with each other and raise the cry for peace and tolerance. By taking the two chants 'Allah' and 'Om' and uniting them in this song is, we believe, a unique attempt at Culture Connect of a deeper nature. We feature their video here as a tribute to their effort- Parindey, the band led by the Joshi sisters Pragya & Chhavi.

Allah or Jesus or Om...we are ONE. 

[And the music is a great fusion of the east & the west]

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