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Henna design keds. Ethnic indian shoes. Hand painted sneakers. Hand painted women's canvas shoes. Grey Floral Henna. Jooots from Artikrti

$92.00 USD

Brand Jooots

What happens when you mix ethnic, Indian designs with cool sneaker designs- you get Jooots. The new line of feet couture brought to you by Artikrti.

Casual canvas, sneakers and keds get a fashion makeover. A cool, hip and uber sexy range of footwear that has ethnic indian motifs, graphics and designs. That's Jooots.

This one is henna inspired. World over girls are taking to the cool designs of henna as a fashion expression. Jooots first line of ethnic, handpainted sneakers use designs inspired from henna designs. This one uses the henna style to render stylistic, arty floral graphics in cool silver and purple on a grey felt top high rise casual shoe.

So get your feet to go ethnic.

Jooots- ethnic, arty chic for shoes. From Artikrti.

The Fine Print:

Size: US Size 10/ UK Size 7- 71/2/ EU Size 40/ Inside Foot/Sole Length 260mm
[Generally, broader styles tend to be slightly smaller in foot/sole length, since our feet tend to slip flush inside the shoe, without any gap in the front. For the same shoe size, you will find thinner styles slightly longer in foot/sole length because our feet don't tend to go flush into the shoe, leaving a small gap in the front]

All Jooots handpainted designs are done using the best of fabric colour paints.

Handpainted designs, especially the intricate patterns like henna and rangoli are very minute designs calling for extreme patience and care from the artist. While every self-respecting artist is a perfectionist, there will be variations in the strokes, in the thickness, sometimes in the colours because of the absorption. That is the reality of custom crafted, hand done works of art. They are not to be seen as defects but as the effects of one's labor of love.

Thank you for dropping by. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.

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