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Ethnic AUM Embroidery Painting, Indian OM Ganesha Fibre Art.Vinayagar Wall Tapestry. Yoga room OM Wall Hanging. Indian, ethnic. By Artikrti

$325.00 USD

Brand Artikrti

This painting or work of art is unique at two levels:

The first reason is that this is a painting that uses no paint. Every stroke here is by embroidery!

The second reason is that it creatively marries two forms: the practiced eye will either pick the OM symbol first and then discover the Ganesha. Or will smile at the offbeat, artistic rendition of the Ganesha first and then be wowed by the OM or AUM symbol integrated within the Ganesha's form.

This is art so unique to India, the land of embroidery, of sequins and beads, silk threads and mirrors. Using thousands of sequins of different shapes and sizes, of different hues of gold thread in color and texture, of silver beads and thread this is an expression of love and reverence.

To create art of this form the sense of imagination and the mastery over the craft of embroidery will have to be truly great to achieve what you can see. And this one took a week to complete.

The photographs don't really do justice to the finesse and minuteness of the work. The fifth picture features some close-ups that will help you catch a glimpse of the detail and workmanship of the masterpiece.

Done in gorgeous gold and silver on a contrasting bottle green/olive green velvet fabric this striking piece of art can be featured in your living room or occupy pride of place in your study or yoga room.

A great gift for women who have that keen aesthetic eye for home décor. For the lady who seems to have it all. For the love of your life, your wife. Or your best friend, your sister, mom or aunt or grand mom. Surprise them truly, with this ethnic exclusive.

A great gift for yoga lovers and those who appreciate meditation, those who like the mantra OM or Ganesha and things ethnic.

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Artikrti’s [meaning 'artistic creations'] mission is to take the fascinating kaleidoscope that is India and get the world outside to experience it. And add a stroke of beauty that’s different, to each woman’s life- to her personal beauty and her home.

Thank you for dropping in. In true Indian tradition, we hope your visit to Artikrti was a pleasurable one and we do hope to see you again in the future.
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The fine print:

Embroidery on Velvet

Total area of velvet: 27" X 26.5"
Dimensions of Embroidered painting- 13" X 13"
Ideal dimension to frame: Vertically- 24" x 16" Horizontally- 18" x 26"

The above embroidered painting has been featured in frames/mounts to give you an idea of how it will look. All prices quoted are for just the embroidered art. =)

Image Copyright- Artikrti

Colors may vary from the digital photograph above

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