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Wrist Bling: Ethnic art for your dainty wrist & fingers.

Jewelry is a woman's best friend. I cannot imagine a world without makeup and jewelry, can you? My personal loves are ear rings, bracelets and finger rings. I really believe they add to how I feel about my looks and gives me a sense of allure- just like say eyeshadow and lip gloss do to my face. And I particularly love the intricate workmanship of ethnic jewelry from my home...India.

India's jeweler artisans are perhaps the worst unsung heroes in the history of creation. Coveted by women across the world, each piece they create is a work of art and a labour of love. As a designer and craftsman, his work is painstaking, delicate and takes days, weeks and sometimes months  of dextrous filigree work. And when his creation is ready, it is whisked away to a store. Someone like me then swoons over it, again whisks it away to wear and for others to swoon over her:) And that creator... the artisan is long forgotten.

This video is a tribute to him....the unsung hero....the craftsman who creates works of art to beautify us.


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